Monday, December 27, 2010

Don't Be Mad! I Was Only Pretending...

Sometimes I like to contradict myself for fun. Really, I do. There's nothing quite like being a hypocrite. 

OH Harry, check yo'self! Did I say HIPPOGRIFF?!?! Naw bro!!

But I have a feeling that you might see things my way and forgive me once I spell it all out for you...

C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E A-N-D P-E-A-N-U-T B-U-T-T-E-R 

You might remember that I wrote I little somethin-somethin about a certain dessert we all like to call Boston Cream Pie. I emphatically blabbed on about how this lovely pie is not, in fact, a pie at all and that those responsible for calling it thus, should be sentenced to lifelong sugar rushes. 

Ok, I'll admit it was not as colorful as that, but since I have, yet again, declared so bold a statement as this, I must follow it with, "There's nothing wrong with turning a pie into a cupcake!!!!!" I trust you will not object.

Soooo, just to be clear, we're cool now, right?...What if I share them with you next time?...Fine then! I won't!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On A Sweet Rainy November Day...

These two hotties got hitched... 

Llanes Wedding Photography

And my oh my, was it a glorious occasion!

Sweet Love got the ball rollin early on this one when I first met with the couple in July. What was decided upon with this little beauty below...

Cupcakes were provided by FIXA Catering... seriously awesome!
Llanes Wedding Photography

This absolutely amazing couple decided on one of the most decadent of simple ideas: Rum Vanilla Bean Cake stuffed with Strawberries and a Gorgeous Ricotta-Cream Cheese Filling topped with the always reliable Italian Vanilla Frosting. Throw on some grey-scale waves and a pair of Surfer Dude/Bikini Babe salt and pepper shakers for the topper, and my dear, you're set for life! ...Or at least however long it takes a human being to finish a two-tier wedding cake. But hey, if it's up to me, not very long. *wink*

Llanes Wedding Photography

Dang, aren't they lovely? There's nothing I enjoy more on a splendid drizzly Saturday than to gather in the cutest shabby-chic Downtown LA warehouse to watch two wonderful kids get married. Here's to you Seth and Ziza!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Results Are In...Carrots, You Are The Father!

Here I sit, at my kitchen island wondering what to start this post with. Well for starters, today I am graced with the presence of my little sister who decided to take a mental health day out from high school. She probably won't in the end, but what I would give to have gotten away with that sort of nonsense. This is what her mental health day entailed:

Cuddling our cranky Pomeranian, Lola, on the couch, watching five (yes, five!) tivo'd episodes of the Maury Show, and beating all her friends at the Facebook version of Snake since she had the advantage of not being in school. She did, however, make me an omelet and help decorate our fake Christmas tree...sort of.

I know, right? Lame. Real Christmas trees got the boot from our house two years ago. Since then we've resorted to pine scented candles. Double lame. Well, seeing as I was not in the Christmas spirit as much as usual, I turned on Pandora Christmas Station, waited until "Mele Kalikimaka" by Bing Crosby rotated around, and threw these in the oven!

The Original, and always tasty, Carrot Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Beautiful and in no need of further explanation, except that I may have added a tiny bit of edible glitter after I took these pictures for that Sweet Love savoir faire.

Anyone ever read Blue Like Jazz By Donald Miller? Remember Sexy Carrot and how Don Rabbit chased her? 

Wished he would chased her into my kitchen...what a floozie!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear December, Please Do Stay Awhile. Maybe a Month? Thanks!

Sooo, I know it's only been a day since our eyes have met, but I just couldn't wait any longer to tell you of my extraordinary discovery. And in Sweet Love style, there is a story to go along with it.

Try and picture the last time you slept was awesome, right? Now, try and picture that last time you slept in when you shouldn't have, because you had an array of things to do like battle holiday Orcs disguised as humans at the post office cuz you wanted to mail Christmas cards to your family abroad.

I decided to steer clear of pictures of the Lord of the Rings Orcs.
They're too nasty for me, not to mention unhygienic.

That may have been what I had to deal with this morning...but alas, I had slept in! Realizing what I'd done, I jumped out of bed like a Ninja! Well, I jumped off the couch. I happened to be re-watching season 3 of The Office when I accidently knocked out last night.

Moving on, it's  about time I get to my point. One of the things I was hoping to do today before my Asian assassin transformation, was invite December in with some chocolatey cheer. And in the Sweet Love spirit of complexity, I filled my kitchen with the smell of these.

Behold! The Raspberry Chèvre Marble Nut-Butter Brownie! Love has morphed itself in to the shape of a 2" x 2" treat. I know this sounds a little over done, but if you've ever been privileged, and brave enough, to try goat cheese and chocolate together, you may have not wanted to ever eat anything else. Ever.

Well, since I started writing to you, I've devoured FIVE brownies, spilt my some of my venti peppermint mocha on my laptop keyboard, and listened to 3 different renditions of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" thanks to my Pandora Christmas station, of which I believe the Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel version to be the best.

However, Mr. Redbone is quite aged. Does anyone else find it a tad creepy that the old guy is singing to a, then, 23-year-old Zooey? Maybe?