Monday, October 18, 2010

Boston Cream, say whaaaaat?!

After mulling over what to write about on my nighttime bike ride I just got back from, I'm bringin it back to last Wednesday when my beautiful friend, Andi, and I whipped up an east coast delight. 
Oh ya, we totally brought Boston back...

Kinda sorta.
First off, I might not be the first to say that Boston cream pie is anything but a pie. People! It's cake. And now, it has manifested itself inside America's favorite personal portion dessert. Ask Andi, she's hard at work making it happen...

There is nothing more simple or wonderful than Boston cream cupcakes. Take a vanilla sponge base, fill it with the smoothest vanilla bean cream imaginable, glide on a sexy layer of chocolate ganache, and jazz it up with some edible goldleaf. By the time your done, you may have the urge to turn polygamist and marry yourself approximately 11 times. But, do resist!

Cuz it's illegal. Happy Baking!

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