Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Decorative Pumpkins? Not on my watch.

Think twice, my domesticated brethren! Pumpkins do, in fact, serve a greater good outside of carving parties, store-bought pies *ugh!*, and the fortune Starbucks makes on selling overpriced holiday lattés (which, nevertheless, are still horrifyingly delish).

Things you must know: Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. A time when I put my dreams of one day guest-starring on Glee aside and pop in my favorite suspense-GORE movie saga - SAW...but like every great holiday (and if you are like me, every great day) you're gonna need cake. Seriously. You will.

Chya...this is where it's at! A dense, and never dry, pumpkin cake filled to the top with a bacon-infused meringue, and top-coated with a Grand Marnier cream cheese frosting. Throw on a couple candied pumpkin seeds and dust with know, to keep the tigers away! ;)

So, the greater good of pumpkin-kind? You see what I'm sayin now? I hope so.

Because you're too good for a supermarket pie.

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