Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cake Won't Cure Cancer, But It Can Certainly Try...

First off guys, I apologize if the title of this entry came off as a reject from the Panic! At The Disco song title list...not my intial intentions.

Anywho, last week was a doozy. A good doozy, and one I would be excited to live out again. One reason being, of course, that it was a week with lots of CAKE! However, it was also the week that a friend of mine went in for his last round of chemotherapy and emerged cancer-free!

Everyone meet Sheldon...

Sheldon, meet everyone!

Back in April, Sheldon was diagnosed with Hodgekin's Lymphoma. Now, thanks to numerous rounds of chemo and a ton of prayer, he is healthy again!

And what better way to celebrate health than with...CAKE! And tacos, cuz we had those too and they were pretty damn delicious!

Here we have the chosen flavors in a cupcake form, for those desiring an element of elegance. And below we have what became of the very same cake had it been inspired by the Lakers and used as an instrument of celebration for the lack of disease in a certain Sheldon.

Here we have a champagne chiffon cake sponge (which did, if you were wondering, require nearly an entire bottle). Between each layer was a smooth white chocolate mousse adorned with strawberries and to mask, we have a jasmine-infused Italian frosting.

Sorry if the picture quality is slightly poor, but even if I had a good photo, you still couldn't taste it through the screen...tough luck. Here's a picture of Taylor Lautner's abs to make you feel better...

Run and tell that, homeboy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Wickedest of Them All...

Oh. My. Word...
People everywhere! Gather and listen, for I have discovered the 8th and 9th deadly sins...They are: Chocolate. And Orange. Yes, they have their very own level of Hell. They share this one level, instead of each having their own, because together, they are spiteful and sickeningly delish.

On a day like today...
(My backyard in all it's rainy glory)

I found it most pertinent to sin my brains out and enter chocolate/orange hell. I always had a feeling that those two were trouble. Little did I know that not only would this disgusting pair lure me into temptation, but that the two had conspired with Sin numbers 10 and 11, Cheesecake and Nutella, to completely render me demonized...Here's what became of it.

Yes friend...that is a chocolate cupcake. It's filled with orange cheesecake. It's iced with French Nutella frosting. It has an orange peel jelly candy which, yes, is homemade. It has now become clear that there is nothing worse I might have done...

A monster sits among us.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Boston Cream, say whaaaaat?!

After mulling over what to write about on my nighttime bike ride I just got back from, I'm bringin it back to last Wednesday when my beautiful friend, Andi, and I whipped up an east coast delight. 
Oh ya, we totally brought Boston back...

Kinda sorta.
First off, I might not be the first to say that Boston cream pie is anything but a pie. People! It's cake. And now, it has manifested itself inside America's favorite personal portion dessert. Ask Andi, she's hard at work making it happen...

There is nothing more simple or wonderful than Boston cream cupcakes. Take a vanilla sponge base, fill it with the smoothest vanilla bean cream imaginable, glide on a sexy layer of chocolate ganache, and jazz it up with some edible goldleaf. By the time your done, you may have the urge to turn polygamist and marry yourself approximately 11 times. But, do resist!

Cuz it's illegal. Happy Baking!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Decorative Pumpkins? Not on my watch.

Think twice, my domesticated brethren! Pumpkins do, in fact, serve a greater good outside of carving parties, store-bought pies *ugh!*, and the fortune Starbucks makes on selling overpriced holiday lattés (which, nevertheless, are still horrifyingly delish).

Things you must know: Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. A time when I put my dreams of one day guest-starring on Glee aside and pop in my favorite suspense-GORE movie saga - SAW...but like every great holiday (and if you are like me, every great day) you're gonna need cake. Seriously. You will.

Chya...this is where it's at! A dense, and never dry, pumpkin cake filled to the top with a bacon-infused meringue, and top-coated with a Grand Marnier cream cheese frosting. Throw on a couple candied pumpkin seeds and dust with cinnamon...you know, to keep the tigers away! ;)

So, the greater good of pumpkin-kind? You see what I'm sayin now? I hope so.

Because you're too good for a supermarket pie.