Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cake Won't Cure Cancer, But It Can Certainly Try...

First off guys, I apologize if the title of this entry came off as a reject from the Panic! At The Disco song title list...not my intial intentions.

Anywho, last week was a doozy. A good doozy, and one I would be excited to live out again. One reason being, of course, that it was a week with lots of CAKE! However, it was also the week that a friend of mine went in for his last round of chemotherapy and emerged cancer-free!

Everyone meet Sheldon...

Sheldon, meet everyone!

Back in April, Sheldon was diagnosed with Hodgekin's Lymphoma. Now, thanks to numerous rounds of chemo and a ton of prayer, he is healthy again!

And what better way to celebrate health than with...CAKE! And tacos, cuz we had those too and they were pretty damn delicious!

Here we have the chosen flavors in a cupcake form, for those desiring an element of elegance. And below we have what became of the very same cake had it been inspired by the Lakers and used as an instrument of celebration for the lack of disease in a certain Sheldon.

Here we have a champagne chiffon cake sponge (which did, if you were wondering, require nearly an entire bottle). Between each layer was a smooth white chocolate mousse adorned with strawberries and to mask, we have a jasmine-infused Italian frosting.

Sorry if the picture quality is slightly poor, but even if I had a good photo, you still couldn't taste it through the screen...tough luck. Here's a picture of Taylor Lautner's abs to make you feel better...

Run and tell that, homeboy!

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