Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On A Sweet Rainy November Day...

These two hotties got hitched... 

Llanes Wedding Photography

And my oh my, was it a glorious occasion!

Sweet Love got the ball rollin early on this one when I first met with the couple in July. What was decided upon with this little beauty below...

Cupcakes were provided by FIXA Catering... seriously awesome!
Llanes Wedding Photography

This absolutely amazing couple decided on one of the most decadent of simple ideas: Rum Vanilla Bean Cake stuffed with Strawberries and a Gorgeous Ricotta-Cream Cheese Filling topped with the always reliable Italian Vanilla Frosting. Throw on some grey-scale waves and a pair of Surfer Dude/Bikini Babe salt and pepper shakers for the topper, and my dear, you're set for life! ...Or at least however long it takes a human being to finish a two-tier wedding cake. But hey, if it's up to me, not very long. *wink*

Llanes Wedding Photography

Dang, aren't they lovely? There's nothing I enjoy more on a splendid drizzly Saturday than to gather in the cutest shabby-chic Downtown LA warehouse to watch two wonderful kids get married. Here's to you Seth and Ziza!

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