Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet Love's Sweet Dude-friend and His Attempt to End Slavery.

My thanksgiving holiday was certainly one to be thankful for. It started with a coffee sesh with my good friend, Christiana, who is so busy with business school, she had time to only meet me on Thanksgiving. Crazy kid! Followed by lunch and a movie with my mother. We saw Burlesque.

All I wanted to do after that was invest in exotic dance classes.

However, the craziness I endured last week, ironically had naught to do with the holiday. Everyone, meet Carter Kendall...

...Carter, meet everyone!

Carter has invested his heart and efforts in the production of his new project, Chains for Chains:

Half of the profits made from selling necklaces go towards raising support for the marginalized and enslaved people across the globe. Good stuff!

Chains For Chains had their launch party this weekend in Costa Mesa, CA, and Sweet Love was there to support and share!

Again, photo quality is BLEH!

This is the first ever Sweet Love Co. Dessert Display, and can be replicated and tailored to any event one might have. Don't be a stranger if you find yourself ever in need of one!

All in all, the love and care entailed in preparing for this event was as follows and I quote:
200 Cinnamon Marshmallows.
60 Cherry Heart Lollipops
50 Chocolate Peppermint Macarons
50 Sweet Potato Bourbon cupcakes
30 Chocolate Guinness cupcakes
30 Vanilla/Raspberry/Vanilla cupcakes
30 Carrot cupcakes 

3 Trips to Michael's
2 Failed Attempts at Rock Candy
1  Overdraft Fee 
...and a Partridge in a Friggin Pear Tree.

So worth every minute of it!

Quick question. Can any of you sugar monsters inform me as to why it would seem that a lot of partridges hang out in pear trees, especially around the this time of year? Cuz I'm stumped.

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