Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miley vs. Maeby and The Case For The Perfect Marshmallow

Mondays are  always interesting. I had mine all planned out and most of it fell through. But there I was, stuck in Hollywood, for the greater part of the day. So, I went and had a very expensive latte, pulled out my kindle, and settled in nicely with the blend of young bourgeois socialites on Sunset Blvd.

About an hour and a half in, I turned to my right to find Alia Shawkat smoking cigarettes with her pals. I thought to myself, "Oh My Word! It's Maeby!"

I asked her if she would watch my bag while I went to the ladies room. Homegirl can hang.

That night, I found myself back in Hollywood for a rock show (I hope the kids these days are still calling them rock shows). I enjoyed my beer, listened to the pop, and merely tolerated the make-out kids in front of me. It was a normal show. Accept, yes. Miley showed up, in all her southern crazy skanky 17-year-old glory.

Well, back to the moral of my dilemna: Marshmallows...which had nothing to do with my anecdotal introduction. It just went along nicely with the "M" theme and I'm never one to pass up a good alliteration:

In the spirit of giving, I wanted to give to you a quick and easy Marshmallow recipe that is fail proof. (You'll need a stand mixer, a thermometer, and a pastry bag & tip)

3 packets of powdered gelatin
3 3/4 oz. water

Sprinkle powdered gelatin on top of the water in a stand mixer bowl. Set aside.

10 oz sugar
6 oz corn syrup
6 oz water

Combine sugar, corn syrup, and water in a saucepan and cook until the mixture reaches 250 degrees. Turn the stand mixer to the highest speed and pour in the sugar mixture.

2 oz corn syrup
Desired flavor

Add the corn syrup and flavoring once the sugar mixture turns white and becomes stringy. Load it up in a pastry bag and pipe out desired shapes onto a bed of corn starch. Coat the whole mallow in corn starch and...Enjoy!

While I have you here, I might as well ask...

Marcel the Shell and her friend Shirley the Mallow.
Resemblance much?

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