Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thanksgiving cupcakes...Ya, that's right. it turns out, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and all I can think about are cupcakes. 

Yes, the whole turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce thing is appealing as well, but when I walk into the store and see those beautiful, golden-brown sweet potatoes staring at me right in the face, I just wanna friggin' melt.

Isn't she lovely? Gosh darn it, she's ravishing.

Do you know how else she can be lovely? In a cake, of course.

You know what will make her taste disgustingly delicious?  Salty caramel. Toasty mallows. Sauteed apples.
Maybe some Bourbon? Umm, yaaa...

If you don't think she's a beauty, you're more than likely a grinch. I know, wrong holiday, but still, you are.

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