Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chocolate? Sure. Stout? YES PLEASE.

A good stout is hard to find...

If you're not counting a good Guinness Drought, which I think you totally should.

If you do your homework, which I have gladly done for you, you will find that our distinguished friend pictured above is considered an Irish dry stout. The type of beer we know as "stout" originated in the porterhouses of early 18th century good ole Londontown. If you've ever enjoyed brew that's darker than, let's say an Oreo color, chances are you may be a stout-harlot.

So, in radically-defined effort to join together in matrimony, be it holy or not, the combination of stout and chocolate, yours truly did some bakin...

May I present...

The Chocolate Guinness cupcake.

What may have been devil's food in another life, has fervently been snatched from the hands of Satan and transformed in to a cake of stouty-cocoa goodness, with a belly full of mousse and a hat of Italian malt frosting.

Good sirs, to you we tip our hats!

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